With us dropshipping is easy

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Our integrator works even when you are sleeping. 24 hours a day it keeps an offer in your shop or on Allegro up to date

You can create prices

Thank to the Prices Manager you can easily decide how much you would like to earn selling our products.

You can add/deduct percentage or an amount,
and at the end round it up or down

Automatic integration
with your shop

our automatic integrator would focus on the tasks you don’t have time for

shopware dropshipping
dropshipping baselinker
sky-shop dropshipping

friendly for SEO
makes it easy for you to adjust the design and descriptions of the products to your needs

Start today

It has never been that easy to integrate the shop with the warehouse.
Select the package that suits you, choose products from our offer and start earning.



In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we are constantly expanding our offer and strive to provide the most trusted suppliers possible. HurtowniaGalanter.pl is now available for integration. View the wholesaler’s products and integrate your shop with the supplier.

Dropshipping sukienki

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Do not limit yourself to one warehouse. Just choose the products that best suit you

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