A rich assortment or a select offering?


Selecting an assortment of products is one of the most important issues facing store owners. Is it better to offer a large selection of products, or to focus on a carefully selected range? The answer to this question is not clear-cut and depends on many factors.

For stores that offer a very wide selection of products, customers have more freedom of choice and can compare different brands and models. But on the other hand, such a large selection can also confuse customers and make it difficult to make a decision. Customers may also feel overwhelmed by the number of products on offer and ultimately abandon their purchases.

In stores that offer a small but carefully selected range, customers have less choice, but on the other hand, they can more easily find what they are looking for. Owners of such stores often focus on quality rather than quantity, offering only those products that are of the highest quality and best meet customers’ needs. Such a strategy can attract customers who value quality over quantity.

It is also important to pay attention to what products the store sells. For everyday products, such as food or cosmetics, customers are often looking for low prices and a wide selection. For more specialized products, such as electronics or sports equipment, customers may look for a store that offers expertise and advice.

Ultimately, the choice between an extensive assortment and a small but carefully selected offering depends on a store’s business strategy and the preferences of its customers. For stores that offer a wide selection of products, it is worthwhile to ensure that the store is clear and easy to navigate to make the decision easier for customers. For stores that offer a small but carefully selected range of products, it is worth betting on quality and expertise to attract customers who appreciate this approach.

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