An FTP server – do I need one?

Serwer FTP

Firstly, to understand how an FTP server works in concrete terms, it is useful to familiarise yourself with the basic components:

Server – its primary function is to store files, share data and resources. It is a program or device that is responsible for the functionality of other programs or devices called clients. Thanks to it, your website can work around the clock. The server allows companies to exchange files between users, for this there is a communication protocol called FTP server.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol, which, simply put, is used to transfer files. It is responsible for the exchange of data and commands between devices on the network, the FTP client and the FTP host (server). An FTP server is a remote directory which enables bi-directional data transfer, i.e. uploading files to the server and downloading them by the client.

The FTP protocol allows you to establish a connection between a server and a client using the FTP command channel. Anonymous access to server resources depends on the server configuration and does not require password authentication, but in most cases authentication of connections to the server is done with a login and password. To access an FTP server, you need a program that allows you to connect your computer to the server. Such a program is the FTP client.

The most commonly used are: Total Commander, FileZilla, WinSCP, TurboFTP, AbleFTP and Konqueror.


Connection to the server (configuration)

To connect to the server you need some login information:

  • FTP server address (FTP host)
  • server connection port
  • login (FTP/user username)
  • password

Problems may occur at the stage of finding this data. Configuration data is available in the administration panel of the server. When buying hosting – a place on the server, you receive a welcome e-mail (with the data you already need) and access to the panel, which allows you to manage your account and server. In the panel there should be a tab called FTP server, from which you can download data. It is always a good idea to contact your hosting provider if you encounter a problem.


An FTP server is used to manage a large number of files, which is often essential for creating websites. By making changes to the site, you can manage file transfers during an FTP session. People with FTP server credentials can easily access these files. With FTP, you can control and manage your site, such as creating backups on your site.

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