Customer intelligence and marketing automation – what is it and how does it work based on the edrone example?

Customer intelligence

Customer intelligence is an effective and customized set of marketing processes that aim at improving communication with customers and recognizing their needs.

Would you like to find out what attracts your website visitors and how often people check out your page? Benefit from customer intelligence.

If customers visit your website or make a purchase, all behavioral and transactional data is recorded in the system. Being automatically assigned to categories gives you an insight into the frequency of website visits, the shopping cart value, favorite categories or social media activity. The database can be used to build a customer – organization relationship and to tailor the content to each user. Proper advertisements, simplicity and convenience guarantee increased chances of people buying your goods.

With appropriate strategy and ability to benefit from information such as the one saying that customers:

  • made a purchase,
  • logged in or registered,
  • opened your email,
  • used various devices,
  • had visited your website in the past.

You can increase your profits, improve UX and decrease the bounce rate.

Marketing automation

It can be stated without a shadow of a doubt that an increasing number of things are automated. Many industries rely on various systems that are supposed to facilitate work and make it easier to understand expectations of individual parties. The same applies to marketing. Marketing automation stores and processes information about individual customers. If a company wants to understand and reach its clients, marketing automation makes it easier to do it because of automated advertising, marketing and sales activities. By using this service, you can attract customers. Moreover, you won’t need to analyze and enter data manually. The software identifies customers by collecting data such as gender, age or place of residence. It’s a perfect recipe for creating a personalized marketing message.

Email Marketing Automation system

Email marketing aims at sending campaigns targeted directly at your recipients. It involves the analysis, planning, implementation and monitoring of processes like:

  • creating and managing email address databases,
  • preparing email message content,
  • sending emails,
  • managing feedback,
  • creating email communication schemes.

If you have ever wondered how to create unique newsletters that will appeal to users, email marketing automation can give you an answer to this question thanks to providing you with information telling you what happened with your email once it was sent. You’ll get an insight into your recipient’s behavior, e.g. whether they opened the email, which pages they visited and where they spent the majority of time. Knowing the steps taken by your recipients will allow you to:

  • send campaigns based on behavioral data from your website,
  • send product recommendations based on your customer’s recent purchases,
  • benefit from autoresponders offering content tailored to your audience and encouraging people to take further action,
  • customize messages according to real preferences of your audience.

All of the abovementioned services are offered by edrone. Their website includes a wide range of other products that are worth checking out if you wish to expand your online store.

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