Dropshipping – can I work from home

Nowadays, working from home is becoming more and more popular. On the one hand, there are many new professions that do not require working in a traditional office (e.g. related to internet development, such as copywriters or discussion moderators). On the other hand, a large proportion of traditional occupational duties can now be successfully performed at home. This happens, among others due to the rapid development of the internet and modern forms of communication via the internet.

1. What kind of work can you do from home?

Of course, not every profession can be practiced in this way. An example of a profession that is difficult to combine with work at home is a sales representative. On the other hand, online sales can be run from home and, like working in a traditional way, it might bring good results. A good example can be running an online store from home based on dropshipping model. You can do this work while running a business or or unregistered economic activity. Dropshipping has an undeniable advantage: you don’t need to have a warehouse for the goods you sell. After establishing cooperation with a dropshipping warehouse, it sends products from its warehouse to customers who place an order with you.

Dropshipping warehouses store the goods you sell as well as pack and ship them to the customer.

2. Advantages of working from home

Working from home has a lot of advantages, a large part of which we do not realize every day, because often, being used to work in the office, we do not allow ourselves to think about the possibility of working from home:

  • First of all, working from home is a time saver. We do not have to stuck in the traffic on the way to work and on the way from work, we can spend this time in a more suitable way for us. We are also not exposed to participation in unplanned meetings, which often occur at work, because someone has an urgent matter. We can, therefore, limit the number of meetings only to those necessary, e.g. by arranging a business meeting in the city.
  • Working from home also means saving money. We do not need to rent an office, the cost of which even in less popular districts can seriously damage our financial situation in the initial period of our activity.
  • Mothers and fathers can work from home and at the same time take care of their children who, after school hours, would have to stay in the school common room for long hours. Schoolchildren do not require constant attention and with good organization of time, such work with a child at home is possible.
  • Also mothers of very young children can work from home, e.g. by selling online. However, this requires a lot of flexibility on the part of the working person and depends largely on the amount of time the child devotes, e.g. to sleep. If you don’t have much time, working in the dropshipping model is a great idea: thanks to the automation of processes, you do not have to select products manually, after choosing them on Dropeo.pl they appear automatically in our store. The process of choosing products from a selected warehouse based on the dropshipping model (more about dropshipping here: ), as well as ordering and shipping – everything is done automatically.
  • Work from home is also a convenience. We can adapt the appearance of our “office” to our needs, as well as work in such conditions that suit us: for example, in complete silence or by listening to loud music. We are also not bound by the dress code and we can wear our everyday clothes.

3. Disadvantages of working from home

There are not many disadvantages of working from home, and we can significantly reduce their negative role:

  • people who like the company of others may lack that. A large role in reducing this feeling can be played by messengers with a whole range of useful functions that have developed very much in the last few years.
  • one of the disadvantages of working from home is certainly a large number of distractions. One of them may be a fridge standing not far from the workplace – people who like to eat will have to show great willpower to not open it too often. Some people may have trouble refraining from cleaning and polishing not ideally clean surfaces. However, these situations do not have to be a reason to give up the idea of ​​working from home.
Running an online shop in the dropshipping model favors people who want to work from home.

4. How to prepare yourself to work from home?

Before deciding to work from home, we should definitely consider whether it can be done this way without affecting its quality and results. If we decide that the benefits outweigh the inconveniences – and this is the case with dropshipping – we should not be afraid. Also, a positive attitude and self-discipline will be our allies here.

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