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It has never been that easy to integrate the shop with the warehouse.
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First step: products in your shop

I run three stores, how to connect them with DROPEO?

Set up a separate account for each store, preferably use the e-mail address with the store’s domain, e.g. sklep@mysklep2.pl

Can I change products during my subscription?

Yes, you can exchange products for others at any time, the integrator will add new items to your store and disable the old ones.

I don’t have a DROPEO account, can I use your photos and product descriptions?

Photos and descriptions are protected by law, they can only be used by customers who have an active DROPEO account

Step 2: Placing orders

How should I indicate the delivery address of my client?

You decide whether the package should be sent to your address or directly to your customer. Enter the delivery address when placing the order in the “Send to another address” section

When can I pay for the order?

It is best to pay for the order using Quick Internet Payments at the time of placing the order. You can also use a regular bank transfer, but you must remember that this form affects the delivery time.

I only run a stationary store, can I order products from you?

Yes, all you have to do is to create a DROPEO account. You don’t have to open and integrate an online store if you don’t want to.