Payments and settlements

Yes, quarterly settlements are possible. The prices vary as follows:

  • 300 products: 22 € net
  • 3 000 products: 66 € net
  • 6 000 products: 79 € net
  • 10 000 products: 165 € net
  • 20 000 products: 211 € net
  • 30 000 products: 331 € net
  • 60 000 products: 437 € net
  • 60 000+ products: individual (ask for price)

The payment process looks in the following way:
a) the customer orders products in your store and pays for them,
b) after accepting the order, you send it to Dropeo for processing – you select a specific product and pay for it in advance on

Yes, you have to pay for the products in advance. When a customer orders goods from your shop and pays for them, you add the product to the shopping cart on and pay for it in advance on after accepting this order. Forms of payment:
a) bank transfer,
b) online bank transfer – Stripe.


Yes, we are not closing ourselves off to any directions.

Yes, you are free to determine your own pricing policy, you can refer to the prices listed on the Dropeo website. The choice of products is solely up to you.

Shipping costs remain under your full control. They should be included in your own shipping price list.

Cooperation with suppliers

In this case we recommend to have a look at our website, there you will find more wholesalers, which may meet your expectations.

It is not necessary to sign a separate contract with a supplier.

All product images can be used for selling purposes as long as you use them within the Dropeo platform. If you intend to use the images for other purposes (e.g. marketing), the situation needs to be evaluated individually each time. Every supplier has its own image sharing policy which is defined in the regulations that inlude information concerning brand vision and copyright elements.

Orders and cooperation with Dropeo

There is a 10-day trial period during which we upload 100 Dropeo products to your shop and update them.

The process of integrating Dropeo product database with my online store looks in the following way:
a) I choose a suitable integration package on Dropeo and pay for it
b) I connect my online shop to Dropeo using the Automatic Integrator (DROPEO developers do the integration for me)
d) I choose products in the Dropeo integrator panel (the number of products I can add to my shop depends on the package)
e) Selected products appear in my online shop and I start selling them
Orders from online stores are transferred to Dropeo in the following way:
a) Customers buy products in my store and pay for them
b) I add these products to the shopping cart on and place the order, remembering to enter the correct delivery address
c) I pay for the order using fast online payments or bank transfers
d) Dropeo confirms order acceptance and starts its processing
e) The products are sent to the provided delivery address
f) I receive the shipping list number
g) I inform the customers about the shipment and provide them with the shipping list number

If the products are shipped from different warehouses, it is necessary to pay for two shipments. If the goods are sent from two different warehouses, from different places in a given country, they need to be delivered by 2 couriers.

Most stores include these costs in the product price or slightly increased delivery price (especially since most orders concern single items). Transport costs should not be regarded individually, but statistically, e.g.

If 20 out of 100 orders in a month are from different warehouses, there are 120 shipments. So the average shipping cost equals 120% of the unit price.
This means that a shipment costs on average not 15 PLN but 15 PLN + 20% which gives 18 PLN. This 3 PLN should be treated as a fixed cost of order processing.

The above numbers are only examples and individual costs are determined by numerous factors – it is possible to analyze detailed data only after a few months of activity and cooperation.

Our activity is based on a B2B business model. In this case, the provisions on the so-called consumer returns indicated in the Act on Consumer Rights of 30 May 2014 do not apply. The online store is entitled to apply for a refund only if the customer has received an incorrect, faulty or damaged product.

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