How to describe a product to sell it?

Creating professional product descriptions is very important if we want to achieve high sales volumes in an online store operating in dropshipping model. Thoughtful and professionally constructed descriptions give the customer a feeling of being taken seriously and are a very important element that contributes to the success of the store.

Dropshipping shops should pay particular attention to the quality of product descriptions.

What important aspects should we take into account creating product descriptions?

The first most important element is the definition of the target group.

When choosing a target group, it is helpful to use specific criteria, e.g. financial, geographical, psychological or demographic (more broadly on the methods of creating the target group and the tools that are helpful, you can read on our blog in the article: if your offer is for everyone, it is useless). They allow us to characterize our future recipients: to define their lifestyle, interests, needs, appearance, behavior, manner of expression. Here we can create a sample image of a client: let’s find a suitable picture that can depict him/her and let’s try to determine his/her basic characteristics.

The definition of the target group has an impact on the communication with the client, the language that we use contacting him/her, and on the description of the product. Let’s adjust the language of the description to the recipient language, e.g. product descriptions in the shop with t-shirts for teenagers will differ from the descriptions in the shop with adult shirts.

Let’s remember the language of benefits: what our customer will gain by buying the product we describe?

The authors of product descriptions often describe them in a very cliched manner: they take into account mainly the appearance of the product and try to reflect its basic features. Such a dry, reduced description will not encourage the customer to buy anything, on the contrary- he/she may feel neglected. In addition to the main elements and features of the product, we should mention the benefits that the customer will gain when deciding to buy the item. What will help us here? Knowing the aforementioned target group. When describing a product, such as a handbag, other benefits of buying it will be emphasized in the case of an elderly woman, and different in the case of a 20-year-old person.

The product benefits we describe should relate primarily to the following customer-relevant areas: comfort, sense of security and image. If we refer to them – our descriptions will certainly reach a large number of potential customers.

The benefits of the product are the most important criterion for the creator of the description for the dropshipping store.

How to create a proper description and what would be the stages of our task here?

  • It’s a good idea to start by gathering the right materials – all the necessary product-related information. The next step should be to create a plan containing the most important elements of the future description, so that you prepare the right draft.
  • The correct description should first of all have a properly constructed title. We need to remember that the duplication of products’ names given by producers, is pointless. A good title should contain a lot of information about the product: its type, features, special properties, the name of the manufacturer.
  • Then we go to the short description, in which we explain what the product is and what it is used for. In the long description, however, we characterize the product exhaustively, focusing on specific, distinctive qualities, we write using the language of benefits and we emphasize the advantages. This description should be detailed enough to dispel customers’ doubts about the purchase. The next stage is the so-called technological description – all details of the product, including the technical data, are relevant here. Depending on the product, it will be important to include detailed technical parameters, size tables, etc. We should also (if possible) describe it using the language of benefits.
  • A very important part of making a description is creating a title and SEO description – so as to increase the chance of getting high search results on Google. The title SEO should contain words that will ultimately be used to position the page – so you should think carefully. SEO description is also important for positioning and is visible in search results. Let’s take care of its brevity and focus on choosing the right keywords.
  • The description itself is not enough to attract the customer. Professional photographs are of considerable importance – it is worth to invest in the services of a photographer with experience. Funds allocated for this purpose will definitely pay off – not only in such obvious industries as e.g. clothing.
  • For many types of descriptions, it is useful to make Q&A. This applies in particular to various types of devices, such as those for the rehabilitation of the disabled. In such cases, video recordings are also very helpful – they show the customer how exactly the device works. A customer who has some doubts will not always call – he/she can look for a product in another store. Such Q&A can help him/her quickly make a decision in our favour.
  • It is very important to format the text appropriately. We have to remember about the transparency, emphasis on benefits, the use of lists (ordered and disordered), avoiding large blocks of text or applying paragraphs.
  • It is very important to update the descriptions at specific intervals and check them – customers needs change, that would include products change as well. Working on the descriptions is therefore a constant effort aimed at the best – that is, the most reliable message to the client, resulting in better sales.
The dropshipping model makes it much easier to run a business, but it does not release you from taking care of such an element as professional product descriptions.

You can confidently say that the description in a certain way is a virtual retailer. If it is transparent, exhaustive, with professional photographs, possibly video, the client will gather the most important messages in one place and will most likely remain on the website. However, if the product description is clichéd (e.g. you will duplicate the manufacturer’s description), you will not format it properly and, above all, it will not be written in the language of the benefits – the customer will not call to ask about ambiguities – he/she will go to another store. Customers who come across poor, sloppy descriptions will feel treated in a highly unprofessional manner. They will express their lack of trust by directing attention to the assortment in another store or by writing an unflattering comment.

Today’s customers expect quick and comprehensive answers to questions about long searched products. They want to know the benefits of buying a product and want to feel that the description is addressed directly to them. That is why creating descriptions in accordance with best practices is so important.

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