Product images – their influence on sales in your store

zdjęcia produktowe

Everyone who owns an online store knows that the process of creating it is quite a challenge. The implementation of such a store involves a lot of work. It is important to create a store for your needs during this process. Your website must be clear, intuitive and easy to use. Most of us are visual learners, so it is worth taking care of the appropriate layout of the page, but also its visual content. Apart from the photos published on the blog you should also pay attention to the product photos, because after all, our main goal is to sell products, isn’t it? In this article we will briefly examine the impact of product photos on sales and SEO in your store.

Let’s start with the fact that product photography is the most effective method to show a potential customer the advantages of a product on display for sale. Why? It’s simple, when a client wants to buy e.g. a vacuum cleaner but doesn’t have a brand or model selected, he will most likely first look at the pictures of the product and only then read its name and description, therefore, when the product is well presented, the greater the chance for the customer to make a purchase. Therefore, the phrase that online sales is based on professional product photos is most accurate.

produkty zdjęcia

Product photography – what to remember

The basis for publication of any photos is their quality. Photos cannot be blurry or pixelated, they must be sharp. If you cooperate with a dropshipping company you have no influence on what kind of photos it has, but you can decide not to sell products with low quality photos in your store or ones where the shot is not attractive and does not catch consumer’s attention. Another important aspect is the size of the photos. The size should be large enough to show the product in its entirety. It is the details that customers love, so present all the qualities of the item using different shots. Find your uniform style, depending on your business strategy, decide if the photos should have a white background for example. The possibilities are many, the decision is yours.

Whether you are looking for a new wholesaler and you are browsing its offer, including, of course, its photos, or you are thinking about what may be the reason for low traffic in your store, pay attention to the presentation of the offer through the photos that the wholesaler provides. Well-made product photos, with their quality and performance will allow you to increase sales, and encourage customers to buy.

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