SaaS vs. proprietary store – the differences


Software as a Service (SaaS) and a proprietary online store are two different software-based business models.

SaaS is a business model in which software is delivered as a service in the cloud and is accessible over the Internet. SaaS companies manage and maintain the software, and customers pay for its use through subscriptions. SaaS is a popular solution because it allows companies to avoid the costs associated with installing and maintaining software on their servers.

A proprietary online store, on the other hand, is a business model in which a company develops and sells its own software. Customers pay for a license to use it and install and maintain the software themselves on their servers. With a proprietary online store, a company can have more control over its software and can customize it to meet its individual needs.

Both models have their advantages and disadvantages. SaaS is easier to use and more flexible, as it allows access to the software from anywhere and on any device with internet access. A proprietary online store, on the other hand, allows more control over the software and may be cheaper in the long run.

The choice between SaaS and a proprietary online store depends on each company’s needs and goals. Companies should consider their requirements for functionality, control and cost to choose the model that best meets their needs.

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