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Having your own website or running an online store it is important to take care of their development in terms of SEO. Positioning is the key to success and that is why the prices of audits (site analysis) are often very high. In this article we will try to point out those things that will help you work on your website SEO yourself. Remember that this is only a handful of things you can do. Improving a website is a constant work – tracking trends, competition, link research, content, so if you are interested in the topic, write to us, we will help you describe in more detail what you should do periodically to control SEO well.

1. Keywords are essential  

If you want potential customers to come to your site, use phrases that customers might type into a search engine when looking for products or services like yours. You may say that this is easy, after all, I myself search for content on the Internet so I will use such phrases that I would type in Google…. here opinions are divided. We would advise you not to trust your intuition, the phrases you would use are not always accurate. You can acquire keywords by tracking your competitors. With this procedure, using various programs in the free version available on the Internet, you are able to create new unique keywords that will attract new customers.

2. Update the page with new content

Periodically introduce something new to your website – it will definitely have a good impact on your SEO. There are many possibilities, run a company blog, add another subpage or change the content of an outdated subpage. New content not only attracts new customers, but is also well received by Google robots. By touching on your company blog – you are able to show yourself in the light of an expert in the field you deal with. Thus, you gain trust among users and your company becomes more credible.

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3. Site construction and attribute usage

Building a website consists of its operation and content, including internal linking, text optimization, page code and graphical elements.

Internal linking – it is important to track user actions, on their basis create a path of information that will encourage the user to stay on your site for as long as possible. When a customer is interested in your content, which is colloquially speaking “put under his nose”, he may be inclined to buy in your store.

Text optimization, page code – content should be as clear as possible for the reader, simple and containing keywords. A reader who knows what he reads will be more likely to take a look at your website than in the case of your competitors where, for example, someone will use too difficult phrases. The structure of the text should be divided into paragraphs, and within them use headings: H1 – is the title with keyword, H2 – are sub-headings and H3 – are footer links for example.

Graphic elements – remember about alt attribute. Google robots without alt attribute set on an image will not see it on your page. The alt attribute is a short description of what is in the image. Take a moment to add it and it will certainly do you good.

4. Get creative

A company blog is just one thing you can do to present yourself and your company in a better light. You can also use YouTube and other social media sites like Facebook. Create videos, posts, encourage people to visit your site and generate new traffic to your store. With your publications, you will gain more links that you can use on your website.

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