Shipping products from different wholesalers in dropshipping model


Shipping costs in online stores are one of the key factors influencing a customer’s purchasing decision. According to Gemius research conducted for the Chamber of e-Commerce Poland, low shipping costs are the second most important factor influencing the choice of a particular store. In view of this, when a buyer makes a purchase, he or she carefully calculates shipping costs. That’s why it’s so important for online stores to provide competitive prices and a variety of shipping options. In particular, it is worth looking at transportation options for the dropshipping model, which is growing in popularity, increasing the risk of greater competition.

Dropshipping wholesalers have their own options for shipping goods, usually at competitive prices. However, not all wholesalers offer overseas shipping, which requires ordering your own courier. In case a customer orders products from different wholesalers in one order, there are several solutions to such a situation.

The simplest way is to add up the shipping costs, which means that each shipment will be sent directly to the customer from the wholesaler, and the total cost will be the sum of each individual shipment. However, this method may discourage customers, especially if they order single items. In such a situation, it is worth considering reallocating part of the cost into the price of the goods, for example.

Another popular method is to repackage shipments into one package. However, the customer must wait for the store to complete all shipments. The wait will be compensated with a lower shipping cost, since the customer will pay for one shipment. For the store, however, there are shipping costs from the wholesaler to the store. This method is cost-effective for stores that serve more customers and order larger quantities of goods.

The third method is for the integrator to select the highest shipping cost from one of several wholesalers (this cost will be borne by the customer, and shipping costs from the other wholesalers will be borne by the store).

Dropshippers should therefore carefully analyze transportation options, look for favorable agreements with couriers and choose the right wholesalers to minimize costs while attracting customers. By doing so, they can achieve success in their business.

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