Shoper Integration Dropshipping

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About Shoper

The Shoper e-commerce platform is a proven choice, straight from the Polish company Dreamcommerce SA. The great success of this software can be demonstrated by expanding it to a foreign market, as well as obtaining the Ekomers award twice. It is the perfect choice for growing companies and for entrepreneurs who are just starting their business in the network – integration with Shoper is extremely simple and intuitive.

The main advantage of the Shoper platform is access to numerous specialized functions – there are nearly 250 of them. The options offered by this software are really wide – from mobile application, through Allegro account management or running a store via Facebook, to convenient Shoper dropshipping, invaluable in distribution network.

Shoper configuration

  1. Log in to the admin panel of your store
  2. From the menu select: Configuration> Administration, system> Administrators
  3. Click the Add Administrators Group button
  4. Enter the name of the group, e.g. API users, set the access type to access the administration panel and webapi and permissions to:
  5. Assortment: reading, adding, editing, deleting
  6. Configuration: reading
  7. Save Changes
  8. In the Administrators tab, add a new administrator to this group – his/her login and password will be needed to log in to the Integrator’s Panel