Two new dropshipping wholesalers with us!

Nicolle - sukienka z dłuższym tyłem z koronkowym dekoltem - czerwona - 210-6-1

Two new wholesalers have appeared on our platform: Numoco offering high-quality women’s clothing, including dresses and overalls, and Manilla, a producer of hand-made jewelry in the form of bracelets, rings and necklaces.


Wholesaler and manufacturer of women’s clothing, offering a wide selection of high-quality dresses, tunics, skirts, overalls, shirts and other elements of women’s clothing. Clothing for all occasions, with good quality materials and in various colours. Numoco cares about the quality of its products, but also provides great quality photos and promotional materials.


Producer of handmade jewelry, made of natural stones, such as sapphires, agates and rubies, as well as silver and gold. The manufacturer is guided in his work by concern for the quality of the material and care for the quality of the finish.

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