What is a VPN?


VPN (virtual private network) – is a private network that does not need any external devices to operate. The main purpose of the network is to keep the user completely anonymous. VPN users usually have an account with which they can securely exchange files with other VPN users, as only they have access to the network.

VPN, but who needs it?

In short, the Internet is a place where many dangers lurk. Although the first impression when surfing the web does not necessarily resemble a minefield, unfortunately we can often encounter unpleasantness. Theft of personal data or hacking attacks are the daily bread. Often, even during a session, our activities can be tracked and, based on these, outsiders obtain our private information.

A VPN is a sort of encryption and camouflage barrier to our activities, so that all the above worries can disappear. After all, we don’t want someone hacking into our computer and slowly walking in on us. The VPN server redirects connections preventing hackers from collecting data. Our personal IP address is hidden and replaced by the address of the VPN server, plus the record of our last sessions is encrypted, meaning that if an outsider wanted to see what we were browsing, they would receive a set of digits and various incomprehensible characters.

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Moving away from the part where threats await us at every turn, a VPN also has other uses that may come in handy for some people who, for example, live in a country where various content is heavily censored. In such a case, a VPN safely allows you to communicate with others and unblock regionally blocked content. This is because VPN servers are located in different countries – ultimately, without a VPN service, the internet service provider in the country you live in receives the request and redirects you to your destination. With a VPN service, you can colloquially assume that you are everywhere and, thanks to servers located in different parts of the world, you can send requests to them receiving content from a particular place on Earth. The best example is streaming platforms, where sometimes you can’t watch a certain film because it’s not available in your country – a VPN bypasses these ‘protections’ and, being where you were, you can watch the film of your choice.


A VPN mainly gives us complete anonymity and protects us from phishing. It also makes it easier to surf the web across borders. If you are tired of constant blockades due to your location, it is definitely worth investing in a VPN service.

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