Why dropshipping with Dropeo is so simple?

Dropshipping is a growing form of Internet sales. Its unique nature is that the owners of the online stores offer their customers products which are not in their warehouse but in a supplier’s warehouse – a warehouse, a producer, a distributor. Your reseller is responsible for finding customers and processing your orders. When the product is sold, he/she acts as a intermediary, by passing on the order of the wholesaler who sends the product directly to the customer.

Dropshipping and its good sides

  • You can start selling using Dropshipping very easily and quickly, it doesn’t require a great financial contribution. It is much cheaper than running a stationary store.
  • By opening an online store, you can access thousands of products.

Dropeo offers access to attractive products from many suppliers.

• In dropshipping the seller does not bear the costs of maintaining the warehouse, he can devote all his attention to sales and the wholesaler can focus on delivering products.

• Extending the offer by the seller does not involve high costs. It requires additional involvement in marketing and sales, but the daily operations of the online store remain at a similar level.

• Flexible form of work – as a salesman you set up the work rules and manage your time, all you need is a computer.

Dropshipping and its shadows

Dropeo posiada dobre jakościowo  towary od wielu sprawdzonych hurtowni działających w formule Dropshippingu

• The seller can expect a small margin, especially at the beginning of the business.

• High competition when the same wholesalers supply many online stores with e Dropshipping. The highest profit on sales is then obtained from the number of products sold.

Dropeo supplies many stores, but there are so many products that each store can prepare its unique offer.

• Orders processed from many wholesalers may involve higher delivery costs.

• Individual dropshipping wholesalers may have different ways of accounting and that can be a challenge for the retailer.

That is why it is worth working with multi-wholesalers, Dropeo provides simple and plain conditions for cooperation.

• Little control over the dropshipping process. The seller does not see the products, he must rely on suppliers when it comes to the quality of their services and the availability of products.

• In case of problems with the shipping or the product itself, a dissatisfied customer will contact the seller.

Dropeo brings together proven wholesalers and continuously monitors the quality of their services.

Why you should choose Dropeo?

Dropeo is an innovative Dropshipping platform. Thanks to Dropeo, you use a wide range of many wholesalers, which allows you to build an attractive offer for your store. You choose a package with the number of products that best suits your needs – you can also refresh it. Thanks to automatic integration, the offer in your store will always be up-to-date. You get access to the photos of very good quality. You save your time and you can focus on developing your business.

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