Woocommerce Integration Dropshipping






about Woocommerce

Woocommerce is a plugin for the popular WordPress that works as an open source. The CMS system is well known and very widespread – according to estimates, almost 18% of online stores operate on it. This platform is valued because of its accessibility – integration with Woocommerce is very simple, and using it is comfortable and intuitive. What’s more, by choosing this software, you ensure yourself access to over a thousand additional extensions, of which a large part is completely free.

Probably the biggest advantage of Woocommerce is the possibility of many modification, thanks to which you can precisely adapt this platform to the needs of your business by introducing new functions such as Woocommerce dropshipping or automated store service.


  1. Log in to the admin panel of your store
  2. From the menu select: Users> Add new
  3. Create a new user named DROPEO with the role of Shop manager
  4. Select in the WooCommerce menu> Settings and go to the Advanced tab
  5. Click the REST API link and Add key
  6. Generate CS_ and CK_ keys with Read / Write permissions and save them in a secure place – they will be needed to log in to the Integrator’s Panel
  7. Select in the Settings> Permalinks menu, make sure that the Post name option is selected and save the changes.